Month: March 2018

  • Spring 2018 Postgraduate Forum Report

    The 2018 Spring forum was held on 14th March in the “Treehouse”, Humanities Research Centre. In this new environment, there were presentations from people early on in their research as well as those close to submission. The range of topics demonstrated the impact and significance of music beyond the department walls. First up was in-coming […]

  • John Cage, ‘Water Walk’, and Tiny Desks: Visual Comedy in Serious Music

      Composed for Solo Television performer, and incorporating bath tubs, kettles, mechanical fish, and a grand piano, a remarkable recording exists of Cage’s ‘Water Walk’, given by the man himself on the 1960s American panel show ‘I’ve Got a Secret’.  It’s an absurd scene, made all the more surreal through the postponement of the game-show […]

  • Keychange

      Last week, the Proms announced that by 2022, 50% of new commissions will go to women (  This is part of the PRSF’s Keychange initiative, and 45 other UK festivals have made pledges along similar lines. Predictably, not everyone is happy, though this Telegraph headline is perhaps overstating things: The argument I’ve heard most […]