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  • Posted on 11 June 2018

    The play of Beckett’s which first captured my imagination was the one called ‘Play ’.  A man and two women, their heads protruding from huge funeral urns, are interrogated by a spotlight which switches rapidly from one to another.  When the light shines on them they speak, when it moves away they stop.   The women, either side of the man, are his wife and mistress, and all three now inhabit a region beyond death. Each recalls their side of the triangular relationship – the wife her suspicions and confrontations, the mistress her contempt and disappointment, and the man his attempts to placate both women.

  • Posted on 1 June 2018

    Roger’s recent blog on Holliger’s settings of Beckett, and Bill’s reply, prompted me to offer a few thoughts on the subject of (fairly) recent examples of text and music for voice, with or without piano – or song, if you like to call it that. I’m curious to see how deconstructive strategies derived from the […]