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    Martin Suckling on Radulescu at IRCAM

    Back in June Martin was invited to speak about Radulescu’s seminal solo viola piece Das Andere alongside violist Garth Knox at the Spectralisms conference in IRCAM. Videorecordings of all sessions in the conference were made and can be viewed here: Spectralisms2019.


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    Words and Music

    This project brings together writings and compositions which interrogate the issue of combining words with music.  An ongoing series of articles by Roger Marsh, William Brooks and others, addresses the many ways in which composers go beyond conventional word setting routes,  exploring significant instances of writers crossing into musical territories and composers composing with words.  […]

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    Spring postgraduate forum, 2nd March 2017

    The music department’s spring postgraduate forum was held on Thursday 2nd March. We had a packed day with a really wide range of topics covered, issues touched on, and genres explored. Click for full report and timetable.  LM tweet Beau

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    From Score to Sound programme announced

    It’s great to be able to announce the programme for the From Score to Sound project. We think these works hold together as a cohesive set, whilst also demonstrating the diversity within the theme of line and melody that Research Fellow Martin Scheuregger wrote about last week. The programme was put together using the British Music Collection as […]

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    Trying to write Greensleeves

    In 2013 I attended a composition course in Holland. In a lesson with a well-known Dutch composer I played a piece of mine; when it finished, he told me ‘all English composers are trying to write Greensleeves’. Backhanded compliment or otherwise, he had hit on my predilection for a good tune. Now, working on a project […]

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    CMRC awarded £50,000 AHRC Cultural Engagement Fund grant

    Tim Howell has been awarded £50,000 from the AHRC’s 10th Anniversary Cultural Engagement Fund to enable the Department to host a new project, ‘From Score to Sound: engaging audiences with new music’. Tim will work with Research Fellow Martin Scheuregger to deliver the project, which aims to implement and evaluate an approach for engaging the […]

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    From Score to Sound

    Engaging audiences with new music The Score to Sound project aims to implement and evaluate an approach for engaging the public in twentieth and twenty-first-century British music, and is funded by the AHRC Cultural Engagement Fund. In partnership with Sound and Music (the UK’s charity for new music) the CMRC will facilitate three Discovery Days […]

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    Catherine Laws premieres Ten Bellows (for pianist, assistant and electronics) by Edward Jessen

    Catherine Laws gave the first performance of Ten Bellows (for pianist, assistant and electronics) by Edward Jessen, at the Research Festival of the Orpheus Research Centre in Music, Ghent. Catherine also presented a paper linked to the creative work: ‘Company: Collaborative Practice and Subjective Identity’.

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    Words and Music 1 Words Matter

    Words matter. I start there because sometimes I think composers forget it. Sometimes I think that singers forget it too. Sometimes I think that if I were the author of a libretto or song lyric I would wonder where my words had gone when I hear them sung.

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    Tim Howell edits latest issue of Contemporary Music Review

    The latest issue of Contemporary Music Review is edited by Dr Tim Howell and features contributions from York staff, recent alumni, and current research students.

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    South African Jazz Cultures and the Archive

    ‘South African Jazz Cultures and the Archive’ is a British Academy Newton Fellowship-funded project which aims to facilitate a critical engagement with current archival initiatives across a range of stakeholders for South African jazz.

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    On and off the page

    Reconstructions and reclamations of text, declamation and music at the turn of the twentieth century

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    ANEMONE sets out to investigate the musical characteristics and achievements of a network of Nordic countries – Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland – within the contemporary music scene.

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    Headaches Among the Overtones

    Catherine Laws’s book, Headaches Among the Overtones: Music in Beckett/Beckett in Music, has been published by Rodopi Press. This is the first substantial monograph on this subject.