Composition Seminar – Amnon Wolman

From Time to Empathy, recent ideas and works.
My music starts from ideas and the pieces themselves are constructed as different reflections on these ideas, both abstract and as metaphors for sound and form. In recent works  I’ve been trying to map the concept of Empathy, and the questions it raises.  It seems to me that the listener is the actual composer of the piece s/he chooses to hear. They form, individually, connections within the piece, decide to focus on one sound over others, and pause and resume their listening. These decisions are made based also on the space and the social context of the performance, and this talk will discuss their ramifications and possibilities.
Amnon Wolman is a sound artist, composer and composition teacher whose work is presented by various soloists, performance organizations, galleries, and museums. Publications of some of his audio and text works are available commercially and on the web. He currently teaches at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and lives with his partner Eyal Levinson in Kfar Vradim, Israel, doing his best to support a just solution for the Palestinians living under Israeli rule.