Carlos Zamora (PhD Candidate University of York)

“Chacabuco, a Prayer in the Desert” and ‘Concerto for Recorders’

Carlos Zamora will present his two most recent works: Concerto for Recorders and Chamber Orchestra is based on Chilean Pre-Columbian musical elements and explores features of three recorders. The piece received its world premiere in February 2018 performed by Carmen Troncoso and the University of York Chamber Orchestra conducted by Carlos Zamora.

“Chacabuco – a Prayer in the Desert” for fifteen string players. An abandoned town called Chacabuco, situated in the middle of a desert, was used as a camp of prisoners during the Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile. The music represents both the sound of the military and the silent and desperate pray of the prisoners. The piece received its world premiered recently in Chile by the Marga Marga Orchestra conducted by Luis José Recart.