Composition Seminar – Christopher Fox

‘Sustainable music’.

In a series of recent works, including Topophony for orchestra and improvising soloists and untouch-touch for sine-tones and percussionist, Christopher Fox has been exploring ways in which an analysis of the acoustic characteristics of musical materials can become a compositional structure. He will discuss the aesthetic implications of this approach and introduce the sounds and processes of a number of the works he has made in this way.

Christopher Fox is a composer who sometimes writes about music too. Often working at a tangent to the musical mainstream he has based his compositional career around close collaborations with particular performers, including Roger Heaton, Ian Pace, Anton Lukoszevieze, the instrumental groups the Ives Ensemble, KNM Berlin and Apartment House, and the vocal ensembles The Clerks and EXAUDI. His work is the subject of the book Perspectives on the music of Christopher Fox: Straight lines in broken times (Ashgate-Routledge, 2016). CDs of his music are available on the Ergodos, HatHut, Metier and NMC labels. He is editor of TEMPO and professor of music at Brunel University London.