Composition seminar – Ambrose Field

This seminar charts a compositional path away from representation and quotation – two ideas which have previously dominated my compositional output from the late 1990s until 2006, towards a high specific personal approach which brings into question relationships between form and material, and time and architecture.

The seminar will include discussion of these approaches in reference to Pod Twoja Obrone (2012), commissioned by the Polish National Chamber Choir as a tribute to H.M.Gorecki on his 80th birthday anniversary, Transmission Cycle (2012), from the Jazz in Church festival, and experimental music works for specific architectures: Quantaform Series (2013), and Architexture I and II (2012-2015). The seminar will outline a larger research project which is documented in the forthcoming edition of the IRCAM OM composers book, considering how architectural concerns can be reflected in acoustically-informed compositional decisions.