Dark Inventions

In a colourful and varied programme presented as part of the Spring Festival and in conjunction with York’s Late Music concert series, Dark Inventions features the work from which the group takes its name: the mysterious sound world of Dark Inventions is offset by the vivid intensity of Anthony Powers’ Fast Colours and works by Charlotte Bray and Judith Weir. A new work from York-based David Lancaster forms another pillar of the programme alongside Roger Marsh’s Ferry Music and a piece from Ji Sun Yang, whose music has recently been featured on a new NMC release.

The brainchild of composer and conductor Christopher Leedham and composer and analyst Martin Scheuregger, Dark Inventions focuses on combining music of different periods, curating projects that aim to entertain and inspire audiences whilst introducing some hidden gems from past and present repertoire. Dark Inventions has performed at venues across the North of England and Scotland, including a new theatrical presentation of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire as part of the York Spring Festival of New Music, and a typically-diverse programme of Bach, Ravel and new music at St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh. The ensemble’s debut EP, Hinterland, features three ensemble works with four haunting songs reflecting themes of the collection.