Ikuko Inoguchi: ‘Concepts of Time in the Piano Works of John Cage, George Crumb, and Tōru Takemitsu and Implications for Performance’

This lecture-recital explores 20th-century piano repertoire in which a variety of concepts of time is musically communicated. Inspired by Asian culture, i.e., music and/or philosophy, two American composers John Cage, George Crumb, and the Japanese composer Tōru Takemitsu were all concerned with constructing a musical image of time which has no clear beginning and no clear ending. First, I will examine how each composer conceptualized different concepts of nonlinear time (e.g., Cage’s musical realization of “unimpekkl k  kmkdedness” and “interpenetration,” Crumb’s “timelessness of time,” and Takemitsu’s concept of ma), and then discuss what implications this has for performance. Through consulting published and unpublished interviews with the composers and with expert performers, supplemented by my comparative study of recordings of earlier performances, I consider the relationship between the specific notational practice of each composer and implications for interpreting their works. Performance practices of the works above will be discussed in relation to Edward Cone’s idea of a “structural” performance and Nicholas Cook’s theory of “phrase-final lengthening.”

Ikuko Inoguchi is a concert pianist and researcher. After holding a Visiting Scholar Fellowship at the Institute of Musical Research in London during 2010-2011, she was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy for her thesis entitled “Concepts of Time in the Works of John Cage, George Crumb, and Tōru Takemitsu, and Implications for Performance” from City University London in May 2016.

Ikuko has enjoyed international appearances as a soloist and a collaborative pianist in Japan, the U.S., and Europe. This includes her recitals at St. Martin-in-the-Fields (London), Sazanka Hall (Japan), and Kurosawa film festival in Würzburg. In 2013 she performed Rubinstein Piano Concerto No.4 with City University Orchestra. Bringing artistry and scholarship together, she has given a number of lecture-recitals and papers at regional, national, and international conferences and symposiums, such as College Music Society national conference (U.S.), “Music from Japan” conference (London), and “Doctors in Performance” music festival-conference (Helsinki), and RMA Annual Conference.