Installation – baby come home / Gaia Blandina – Stained Glass Centre, York

The installation deals with the concepts of displacement, homeliness, impermanence, and the Deleuzian concepts of nomadic thinking and bodies without organs. Free entry.
For this installation I will be using 60+ camping tents that will be then donated to Help Refugees UK; due to relentless police evictions both in Calais and Dunkirk there is a constant, increasing demand of tents. The charity reports: ‘From our warerhouse in Calais we support around 1,700 refugees in both Calais and Dunkirk, though that number is rising now during summer so I can’t be sure exactly. The majority of the sites these people live in face evictions every other day by the police. This means property, including tents, is often taken or destroyed. Therefore it is very difficult for us to meet the demand of tents, both because of the growing numbers and replacing those damaged or taken.’