British composers from York broadcast in Chile

Music by Thomas Simaku, Roger Marsh, James Williamson and Owen Russell has been broadcast in Chile.

The works “Concerto for Orchestra” (2013) by Thomas Simaku, “Stepping Out for Piano and Orchestra” (1990) by Roger Marsh, “Migrations” (2018) by Owen Russell, and “Happy Are They Who Dwell In Your House” (2017-18) by James Williamson, were broadcast during the visit of PhD student Carlos Zamora to his native country. Williamson’s piece was in performance by the University of York Symphony orchestra, conducted by John Stringer, with two student vocalists –  James Botcher and Elli Pybus

Carlos was invited to talk about the British composers he has come into contact with in the UK.  The program Siglo XXI, presented by José Oplustil, is the longest running contemporary music programme in Chile. Created at the end of the 1980’s (then called called Siglo XX) it is aired by Radio Beethoven, Chile’s most important classical music station.

The podcast is available at: