Carlos Zamora news

Carlos Zamora has had a busy few months.   In February 14th the Concerto for Recorders and Chamber Orchestra was world premiered at the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall with the soloist Carmen Troncoso and the University of York Chamber Orchestra conducted by Carlos Zamora.

On March 24 the piece “Chacabuco-a Prayer in the Desert” was world Premiere in the city of Viña del Mar, Chile, by the Marga Marga Orchestra conducted by Luis José Recart as part of its concert season 2018. The same day, the “Concerto for Clarinet and Strings” was performed by the chamber orchestra of the Universidad Austral de Valdivia with the soloist Caitanya Estuardo and conducted by Alejandra Urrutia, in the first concert of the season 2018.

Also, on April 8th the “Victor Jara Symphony” was performed in Bordeaux, France by the Jeune Orchestre Symphonique de l’Entre-deux-Mers and the Choeur Entre Deux Airs conducted by Eloi Tembremande.

In April 9th the piece Sikuris for Ensemble was performed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC, with Miguel Harth-Bedoya and members of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, as part of the SHIFT Festival of American Orchestras.

On April 10th Carlos Zamora gave a lecture at the Universidad de Concepción in Chile and conducted his piece “Andesina” with the Student Chamber Orchestra of the School of Music.