Roller Trio album recorded at cmrc

PhD composition students James Mainwaring and Ben Eyes have collaborated on the new Roller Trio Album “New Devices” released today on Edition Records.
The band recorded the album in several sessions in the SSL Duality equipped Trevor Jones studio.  Ben engineered and saw the sessions ran smoothly whilst the band improvised on themes and ideas, creating and processing the live instrumental sounds and arrangements on the fly using Ableton Live.  Some 12 channels of Ableton were running at any one time straight into the desk along with processed saxophone, drums and bass all being laid down live. The lineup consisting of James on Saxophone, Luke Williams on drums and Chris Sharkey on Bass and electronics. This album brings the use of technology to the fore giving a creative and distinctly modern sound to contemporary jazz with reviews comparing the album to the Cocteau Twins, Softmachine and King Crimson.
The Mercury nominated band have again been entered into the award for the new album. Fingers crossed !
Roller Trio