Thomas Simaku – Klangforum Wien World Premiere

York composer’s new work receives its world premiere by one of Europe’s finest ensembles of contemporary music



Thomas Simaku’s new work Klang Inventions, written for and dedicated to the musicians of the prestigious ensemble Klangforum of Vienna, received its world premiere at the 10th Pharos Foundation International Festival in Nicosia on 12 October 2018.

Thomas Simaku has written the following notes about his new piece: ‘The first impulse for this composition is inextricably linked to this specific ensemble, hence the title Klang-Inventions. The music here focuses on ‘family resemblances’, where specific instruments take a leading role in the musical argument at strategic stages of the formal structure, and are highlighted for their colour, virtuosity and their expressive qualities. Based on certain instrumental ‘alliances’ within the ensemble, the idea here was to create an overall formal structure that would have elements of a multi-movement composition, but at the same time preserve the continuity of an ‘uninterrupted’ line on macro-structural level’.  For more information, please follow the link:

Dr Thomas Simaku also gave a lecture on his music at the European University of Cyprus.