Ann Cleare

Lecturer in Composition

Ann Cleare is an Irish composer working in the realms of concert music, theatre, extended sonic environments, and hybrid instrumental design. Her work explores the static and sculptural nature of sound, probing the extremities of timbre, texture, colour, and form. She creates highly psychological and corporeal sonic spaces that encourage a listener to contemplate the complexity of the lives we exist within, exploring poetries of communication, transformation, and perception.

Her work has been commissioned and presented by major broadcasters such as the BBC, NPR, ORF, RTÉ, SWR, WDR for festivals such as Gaudeamus Week, The Wittenertage fur Neue Kammermusik, International Music Institute Darmstadt, Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik, IMATRONIC Festival of Electronic Music, MATA Festival, and Taschenopernfestival. Through working with some of the most progressive musicians of our time, she has established a reputation for creating innovative forms of music, both in its presentation, and within the music itself. She has worked with groups such as Ensemble SurPlus, JACK Quartet, Ensemble Apparat, Ensemble Nikel, The Curious Chamber Players, Yarn/Wire, ensemble mosaik, The Experimental Ensemble of the SWR Studios, Talea Ensemble, österreichisches ensemble für neue music, The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, ensemble recherche, TAK, Ensemble Garage, Argento Chamber Ensemble, and many others. Current and future projects include new works for The RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland (a double concerto with contrabass wind soloists Richard Craig and Carol McGonnell), The Fidelio Trio, an extended solo horn piece for Samuel Stoll, The Crash Ensemble, The International Contemporary Ensemble, Ekmeles and solo trombonist William Lang, ELISION, a video opera version of her opera rinn, and the creation of an outdoor musical playground for children with sculptor Brian Byrne.

Ann studied at University College Cork, IRCAM, and holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University. Her scores are published by Project Schott New York. She is an artistic collaborator with Dublin Sound Lab, and will work on developing their programming and production of electronic music over the coming years.