Beau Stocker

PhD Performance

Through his interests in postgraduate study and  experimental music, Beau has furthered his performance and conceptual ideas through research at the University of York and performance projects such as Transmission (York Festival of Ideas), The Claim (West Yorkshire Playhouse), and Being Human Festival 2014 (

This work has included the exploration of timbres on the drum set and un-tuned percussion, as well as inspiration from an overland research trip through East Africa, where he performed with musicians from Ethiopia (Girum Mesmer and Henock Temesgren) and Sudan (Blue and Orchestra Attibr).

A trip that subsequently lead to three years of studying and performing with Sudanese drummer Mustaffah; Ethiopian drummer Misale Legesse; and South Sudanese drummer Stephen Aphear Oshalla. Experiences which have informed and inspired his ideas in improvised music performance.  

Supervisor Dr Jonathan Eato