Carlos Zamora Perez

PhD Composition

Carlos Zamora gained a bachelors degree in Musical Education at Universidad de Concepción, Chile and in 2000 graduated as Master of Arts in Composition from Universidad de Chile.

He studied Orchestral conduction with Wilfried Junge, Guillermo Scarabino and Guillermo Rifo and Contemporary Music Conduction with Aliocha Solovera, Choral Conducting with Mario Cànovas and Composition with Miguel Aguilar, Gustavo Becerra and Eduardo Cáceres. From 1998 to 2000 he participated in the Fields of INJUVE Composition in Spain, where he attended classes with Cristóbal Halffter and Mauricio Sotelo.

He has been Jury of the Composition Competition several times in Chile, Musical Producer in more than 20 CDs and DVD `s, Member of the Musical Counsil of the Ministry of Culture and Chairman of the National Association of Chilean Composers.

He has received several awards such as the Scholarship of Artistic Creation of  Andes Foundation; Masters Scholarship at the University of Chile; First place in 1997 of the National Federation of Choirs for his work “Padre Nuestro Kunza”; First place with his “Sikuris” on New Works by Chilean Composers of the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Chile; 2006 Award for best composer of the Modern Orchestra of Modern Music School; 2010 Charles Ives Prize Binational Culture for his musical proposal; Work on Request Award of SCD, and Modern School of Music Prize – 70 Years (2010) for his contribution to Latin American culture.

He has been invited to WMD-ISCM in 2000 (Luxembourg) and 2008 (Hong Kong), to the Biennial of the Americas 2010 in Denver, USA. His music has been performed by the Chamber Orchestra of the Berlin`s, Opera, National Orchestra of Ireland, Symphonic Orchestra of Caracas (Venezuela), Former Curitiba Orchestra and USP of Sao Paulo (Brazil), YOA Orchestra, Boston Youth Symphonic Orchestra and Caminos del Inka Ensemble (USA), Chamber Orchestra of Medellín (Colombia), College Orchestra Mayor of Cochabamba (Bolivia), Mendoza Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra of Salta (Argentina) and all professional orchestras in Chile.

Supervisor  Thomas Simaku