Christian Fernqvist

PhD Performance

Christian Fernqvist is a flautist, teacher and researcher with degrees from University College of Ingesund, Arvika, Sweden (MA in Music Education, flute pedagogy), and University of York (MA in Music, contemporary flute performance).

Christian’s research concerns the relationship between the performer and improvised music with the focus on indeterminate aspects of composition and with a specific focus on flute performance. Within this field he explores forms of composition and notation that offer the performer a significant creative role: scores that are not fully notated, but that define a context (in different ways) in which the performer can act creatively and musically; this includes verbal, graphic and scores with other non-conventional notations.

Christian has performed throughout Sweden in venues such as Ericsson Globe (largest hemispherical building in the world), the Stockholm Concert Hall and the Royal Palace. Outside of Sweden he has performed for dignitaries such as the King of Belgium and the Emperor and Empress of Japan.

Christian appears on CDs and DVDs produced in Sweden, the UK and Hong Kong and has received grants and awards from The Royal Swedish Academy of Music and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Supervisor Dr Catherine Laws