Christopher Mullender

PhD student

Christopher’s academic career was nurtured at the University of York through a BA (Hons) in Music, MA (by research), and a PhD, both in Composition. Both postgraduate degrees were conducted under the supervision of Professor Ambrose Field, who guided Christopher’s development as a composer of electroacoustic music.

Comprised of nine electroacoustic compositions for multichannel presentation, Christopher’s PhD explores the spatial identification of sonic sequences and exploration of their vertical relationships, an approach to space within the context of Simon Emmerson’s ‘soundfield frames’, and exploitation of process departure or interruption. This latter concept is referred to as ‘poietic individualism’.

Non-academic projects of note include a collaborative work for ensemble, choir and loudspeaker formation in partnership with James Cave for the Terry Holmes Award 2014; and composition and sound design alongside Gavin Bryars for the Dark Arches element of the Overworlds and Underworlds installation, Leeds 2012.

Christopher is currently Assistant Studio Manager at Sweetspot Soundworks, a recording studio in Amman, Jordan, that caters for a broad spectrum of musicians including established artists from the Levant and further afield. Musical styles such as traditional and popular Arabic music, rock, metal and electronic feature regularly in his work.