Gaia Blandina

Gaia Blandina is a sound artist and a cellist from Sicily. Her work is approached from different perspectives and methodologies across multiple areas of artistic and academic enquiry. Each work emerges from a concept that is explored and developed into a unified piece through the combination of various art practices, media, and research areas; this concept is never treated as a fixed entity, or a transcendental idea, but rather as a variable imminent notion that is flexible, open-ended and contingent upon various special, social and historical contexts.
Gaia is currently working on the creation of a portfolio of installations/events from an interdisciplinary perspective. She is interested in the Deleuzian concepts of difference and repetition and in the manner in which repetition delimits the Self — without repetition, identity cannot be formed, and an event or an action that is not perpetuated in time becomes chance. Repetition, therefore, becomes a method and it standardises; it delimits practice in various disciplines, whether scientific or creative.This portfolio of works will stem from the exploration of nomadic thinking and an interrogation of concept-driven practice through Deleuze’s philosophy, it will be developed through various media, supported by further theoretical research, and in collaboration with musicians, writers and artists.
The tools, activities and techniques that are present in Gaia’s practice are improvisation, devising music, collaboration, cello playing, object-making, knitting, poetry, curation.
Supervisor:  Federico Reuben