Karin De Fleyt

Karin’s research is an investigation into new performer-composer collaborations centered around defining new types of democratic interaction with the aim of validating new creative models. An important question in this interaction is who makes creative decisions and if that means one of the players sacrifices his/her own creative input.

Karin is an internationally renowned flautist and soloist in contemporary music, with many works dedicated to her. She is flautist of the HERMES Ensemble www.hermesensemble.be and plays the flute, alto flute, piccolo and bass flute, as well as shakuhachi and bansuri flute.

Karin took her masters degree (MA) at the Royal Music Conservatoire in Gent (1995), where she already specialised in contemporary flute solo and chamber music repertoire. QTS at the Royal Music Conservatoire in Gent (1996), Laureate (PGCE) at the Orpheus Institute in Gent (1997 – 2001) during which she taught contemporary music and live electronics at the Royal Music Conservatoire in Gent. Karin de Fleyt vast experience in teaching flute, both at music school and Higher Education level, including MMus and Advanced Master. She is senior lecturer at Leeds College of Music since 2013 and together with Carla Rees forms the low flutes duo NewFLow. Karin is also senior lecturer in the professional teachers program at the School of Arts/Royal Music Conservatoire in Gent since 2009. She regularly gives masterclasses and workshops all over the world.

Karin is the recipient of the Terry Holmes award together with composer Jia Chai (2017). With the support of the Humanities Research Centre of York she organised a Music & Philosophy conference (2017) at cmrc on creative processes in the arts.

Supervisor: Catherine Laws