Lynette Quek

PhD student

Lynette Quek is an audio engineer from Singapore, specialising in both studio and live settings. Through various experiences, she handled a range from artiste liaison and stage planning, to sound design, computer-based performances, and audio recording, editing and mixing. Events she participated include “The Download Festival” and “CHOPPA Experimental Music Festival 2015”.

Lynette gained industrial experience working under SoundFarm Production Studios, Wawa Pictures and freelancing; overseeing recording sessions, audio post-production and live sound reinforcement respectively. She is open to experimentation and collaboration with artists of other art forms, maintaining constant participation in music-related activities. She is hugely interested in Sonic Arts, combining audio and visual elements together in her works.

Lynette completed a Master of Arts in Music Production at The University of York, before beginning her PhD.  She also holds the Vinson Concert Recording Assistantship at the university, and is the recording engineer for Late Music York at their monthly concerts.

Studio // Live // Audio-Visual
Supervisor:  Federico Reuben