Michele Pizzi

PhD Thesis

Michele Pizzi graduated inTrombone performance and in Electroacoustic music composition at the Conservatorio Niccolo’ Paganini of Genoa (Italy). He completed the MA degree with distinction in Music Production from the University of York.

Michele’s research is focussed on the use of human voice and speech coding within music production.   In his Ph.D thesis Michele is exploring how voice can be employed in sound synthesis of electronic sounds and audio processing to manipulate sound recordings through the analysis of speech and vocal tract modelling. The idea behind the research is to adapt models and technologies used for voice processing and synthesis to music production through the development of audio production techniques and tools based on human voice.

Michele develops audio processing techniques based on human voice within electronic music production and for designing hybrid sounds, for different digital media applications, using speech to control features of different audio sources.

Michele holds the Department Technician Assistantship

Supervisor Dr Jez Wells