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Off Grid: The Magic of Microtones

This project brings together ongoing research into the use of microtones from compositional, performance and analytical perspectives. Covering spectral, post-spectral, just intonation, historical and synthetic approaches, this project is particularly concerned with the expressive and structural potential of microtonal environments in interaction with conventional 12edo tuning. Led by Martin Suckling, the project comprises compositions, software […]

  • Words and Music

    This project brings together writings and compositions which interrogate the issue of combining words with music.  An ongoing series of articles by Roger Marsh, William Brooks and others, addresses the many ways in which composers go beyond conventional word setting routes,  exploring significant instances of writers crossing into musical territories and composers composing with words.  […]

    Composition Musicology Performance Words and Music

  • Player Piano

    Player Piano is an interdisciplinary performance created as part of the research project ‘Performance, Subjectivity and Experimentation’, led by Catherine Laws, at the University of York and the Orpheus Research Centre in Music, Ghent. The performance is a collaboration between Catherine (as the performer), composers Edward Jessen, Annea Lockwood, Roger Marsh and Paul Whitty, theatre […]

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  • Edgelands

    Roam the Barbican foyers using headphones to experience this free audio journey, which reframes the sounds and sights of the iconic arts centre. In the company of elusive characters and their fantastic sound worlds, you’re invited to explore, examine, and reimagine the edgelands of the Barbican, seeking out the extraordinary inside a building famed for […]

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  • Representing Rehearsal

    This research project, led by Catherine Laws (Senior Lecturer in Music), Jon Hook (Lecturer in Interactive Media) and Tom Cornford (Lecturer in Theatre) has been funded by the University of York’s Research Priming Fund. Its brief is to scope new possibilities for interactive video technology to facilitate and aid the exploration and documentation of collaborative, […]


  • Expressive Nonverbal Communication in Ensemble Performance

    The Expressive Nonverbal Communication in Ensemble Performance network comprises three projects, exploring aspects of how musicians communicate in groups: Movement and sonic gestures in ensemble performance Achieving excellence in ensemble singing Teaching and learning of ensemble communication


  • Up-draft

    From Score to Sound

    Engaging audiences with new music The Score to Sound project aims to implement and evaluate an approach for engaging the public in twentieth and twenty-first-century British music, and is funded by the AHRC Cultural Engagement Fund. In partnership with Sound and Music (the UK’s charity for new music) the CMRC will facilitate three Discovery Days […]

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  • Performance, Subjectivity and Experimentation

    This project investigates the question of how subjectivity may be variously constituted through musical performance. Who is the ‘I’ that performs, and how is that ‘I’ embodied in the performance? Does that ‘I’ reveal aspects of itself of which it may be otherwise unaware, and if so, to whom: itself (thereby awakening intrapsychic knowledge) or […]

    Composition Performance

  • A Collection of Small Choices

    Building on the success of the TlotT App (2012) and associated music / sound-design research this project will investigate new opportunities for site-specific promenade performances afforded by Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It aims to produce a proof of concept prototype that demonstrates how, for promenade performance works, BLE could interface with a mobile App to: Facilitate non-linear compositional architectures by […]

    Music Technology

  • Architexture II

    Architexture II is a new vocal composition by Ambrose Field specially designed to make the most of the acoustics of a ruined building which doesn’t exist today. It’s 20 minutes long, and is a huge monolithic, choral sound-sculpture of industrial proportions.

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  • South African Jazz Cultures and the Archive

    ‘South African Jazz Cultures and the Archive’ is a British Academy Newton Fellowship-funded project which aims to facilitate a critical engagement with current archival initiatives across a range of stakeholders for South African jazz.


  • Focusrite Plug-in Project

    Focusrite, one of the UK’s leading Music Technology companies, recently commissioned Oliver Larkin to assist in the development of two new audio effect plug-ins.

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  • On and off the page

    Reconstructions and reclamations of text, declamation and music at the turn of the twentieth century

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  • Swimming between shores

    This is a collaborative composition composed by Merit Ariane Stephanos and Morag Galloway (PhD students) in response to the Terry Holmes Award 2015, of which Merit and Morag are the recipients.

    Composition Performance

  • Exploring Acoustics

    This performance will feature improvised music inspired by Beau Stocker’s research into Eastern African percussion rhythms and exploration of the uses of timbre in percussion performance practices.

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    ANEMONE sets out to investigate the musical characteristics and achievements of a network of Nordic countries – Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland – within the contemporary music scene.


  • Remains of Elmet

    Ted Hughes’s Remains of Elmet, ‘A Pennine Sequence’ (1979), is a poetry collection inspired by photographs by Fay Godwin of the West Yorkshire landscape of his childhood.


  • Sounded gestures and enacted sounds

    This project investigates the relationship between physical and sonic gesture in the context of a piano-percussion duo, by means of a collaborative, experimental process of exploration, composition, performance and critical reflection.


  • Headaches Among the Overtones

    Catherine Laws’s book, Headaches Among the Overtones: Music in Beckett/Beckett in Music, has been published by Rodopi Press. This is the first substantial monograph on this subject.