Swimming between shores


This is a collaborative composition composed by Merit Ariane Stephanos and Morag Galloway (PhD students) in response to the Terry Holmes Award 2015, of which Merit and Morag are the recipients.

Swimming Between Shores

A woman contemplates her identity through a series of dream-like scenes.

These explore memory, geography, mothers, lovers, chaos, loss, joy and acceptance.

Morag Galloway and Merit Ariane Stephanos have created a piece which aims to weave Arabic and Western musical and literary influences into a emotionally engaging music theatre journey.

Arabic settings and ancient Syriac chants intermingle with western compositional genres and approaches, and words from Arabic women authors and poets sit alongside voices from European women; including texts written by Merit and Morag especially for the piece. These are anchored by texts from Rumi and the Bible.

Merit will be accompanied on stage by a variety of instruments and vocalisations, as well as a pre-recorded and manipulated electronic soundtrack.

Premiere April 29th in the Spring Festival of New Music